Massage Therapy Swansea




Swedish Massage.
Tense and achy muscles are your body's way of communicating they are stressed, strained and over-worked and a Swedish Massage is probably one of the nicest rewards you can give them. Swedish Massage helps by stretching and soothing your sore muscles. The deep tissue movements are faster paced, warming the muscles and helping improve circulation. Kneading motions help release tension and muscle knots are gently manipulated, bringing in the nutrients and oxygen your body needs to repair and speeding up the removal of waste products that make you sore. Swedish Massage also relaxes the body and mind, helping improve the quality of your sleep, giving your muscles the time they need to repair.

Luxury Full Body w/ Facial (1hr30mins) £50
Full Body (1hr) £35
Back, Neck & Shoulders (40 mins) £25
Swedish Package (3 FB treatments) £90


Reflexology is a deeply relaxing and very nuturing treatment that stimulates your body's ability to rebalance itself. Based on the belief that your Left Foot represents all the major organs, glands and body parts of the Left side of your body, and that your Right Foot represents all the major organs, glands and body parts of the Right side of your body, Reflexology maps out the body onto the feet and by stimulating the corresponding areas of the feet (i.e. shoulder area of foot for stress and tension in the shoulders) it can help rebalance your body's energy flow (which illness and stress can block) and help you relax. Reflexology does not claim to cure or diagnose any illness but when you start to relax mentally, it can be surprising how your body starts to relax physically too. Your general health and well being can begin to improve. 

Foot Reflexology (1hr)  £30 
Mum-To-Be Reflexology (1hr) £30
Reflexology Package (3 treatments) £80


Thai Table Massage.
Stretching. Rocking. Bending and Compression movements help stretch and lengthen muscles, increasing flexibility and range of motion in the body and joints, whilst reducing stress, improving circulation and energising the client. Different from other body work routines where the muscles are rubbed with oils or lotions, the therapist uses thumbs, palms, forearms, elbows, feet and even knees to relax, press and stretch the body into different positions, a little more than would have been possible unaided.

Please Note:
Comfortable clothing such as tshirts/ leggings/ gym clothes are recommended to be worn/ OIL FREE

Thai Table Massage (1hr) £35
Luxury Thai Table Massage (1hr 30mins) 
inc.Thai Foot Massage


Hot Stones Massage.
Melt away all the stress and tension of the day with a warm, basalt stone massage. The soothing heat from the stones combined with a customised massage, works deeper into the muscles layers, relaxing muscles and tension quicker than hands alone. A deeply relaxing massage that warms the body and muscles, boosting circulation...

*Not suitable for clients with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Pregnancy & certain medications.

Full Body (1hr 30mins) £50
Back, Neck & Shoulders (40mins) £30
The Rose Special (1hr 30mins) £50
The Tropical Special (1hr 30mins) £50





Mum-To-Be Treatments.

Mum-To-Be Massage. 14 weeks+
Pregnancy is one of the most exciting and life changing experiences a woman can go through and along with that excitement, come a few expected body aches, stresses and changes. Pregnancy Massage helps expectant mums relax and feel pampered at a time when a lot of the focus is on the bump and babies arrival. Soothing massage movements glide the length of the back, relieving aches and stresses caused by strained posture and the increasing weight of the rapidly growing baby. Tensions are released with gentle kneading motions along the neck, shoulders and body, creating an improved sense of well being and a happier, more relaxed mum. 
Each massage is adapted to suit the individual mum, as each pregnancy has its own unique qualities and depending on mums personal preference and stage of pregnancy, there are two comfy routines for mum-to-be's to choose from.

If mum-to-be's are experiencing any health or pregnancy related conditions, it is always advised you discuss them with your therapist prior to booking your appointment.

Mum-To-Be: Congratulations! You are starting a whole new and exciting phase of your life. Maternity Reflexology can help support and relax you and your growing baby and provide comfort and time away from your busy schedule to focus on yourself and your bump. Reflexology can be enjoyed throughout the whole pregnancy, although most mums like to wait until the second trimester to begin treatments, when they can enjoy putting their (swollen) ankles up for a really relaxing (and very appreciated) time. Nearer the due date, Reflexology sessions are usually increased to help relax mums when they might be most anxious and help mum stay calm and prepare for labour.

Full Body Massage (1hr) £35
Back, Neck & Shoulders (40mins) £25
Mum-To-Be Package (3 FB treatments) £90
Mum-To-Be Reflexology (1hr) £30
Reflexology Package (3 ref) £80






 Aromatherapy Massage.
A gentle, slower-paced massage that relaxes body and mind with long, gliding strokes and the use of pure essential oils. Truly therapeutic and powerful, pure essential oils are concentrated blends derived from plants and flowers, that have unique healing and restorative qualities when applied to and absorbed through the skin during massage. As the pure essential oils are absorbed into the body, the effects of these powerful oils can be felt for hours, days or in some cases, upto a week. Each aromatherapy blend will be unique, to best suit your mood and individual needs at the time of your appointment. A wonderfully aromatic and relaxing experience. 

Full Body (1hr 15mins) £40
Back, Neck & Shoulders (30 mins) £25
Aromatherapy Package (3 FB treatments) £105




Indian Head Massage.
(See also work place massage*)
Indian Head Massage uses deep tissue and pressure point techniques to relax the upper back muscles and ease tension in and around the shoulders. Soothing away stress and aches, the neck is gently stretched and massaged, helping to boost circulation between the shoulders and scalp, which in turn, can relieve pressures associated with tension headaches and tinnitus. The head and scalp are then massaged and the hair is tugged, "shampooed" and ruffled, bringing nutrients to the hairs follicles, which may be beneficial in cases of hair loss/ thinning. Ending with a relaxing facial massage, your skin is left with a rosy glow, and your body feels relaxed and contented. 

*Seated Massage/ Client remains clothed/ No Oils are used during this treatment.

Back, Shoulders, Neck, Head & Scalp (40mins) £25



Luxury Treatments.
Experience a little bit of luxury with Oasis Therapies very own Signature range of Massage treatments...
One and a half hours of blissful relaxation...

Luxury Swedish Massage
Treatment begins working into some of the body's most popular aches and pains, with a full length back, neck, shoulder and scalp massage... a full body routine then helps iron out some of the body's tensions before a luxury facial including a cleanse, tone, massage, mask and moisturise... very refreshing...
Please Note: A luxury foot massage can be included instead of face and scalp massage, if prefered.

Hot Stones Massage
Melt away all the stress and tensions of the day with a warm, basalt stone massage. The soothing heat from the stones, combined with a customised massage, works deeper into the muscles layers, relaxing aches and pains quicker than hands alone. A deeply relaxing massage, warming muscles and body, whilst boosting circulation...

The Tropical Special
Lime & Coconut Oil blend together to form a refreshing and energising blend that will soothe the body's aches and uplift the spirits whilst a warming hot stones back massage helps the mind relax and float away to tropical lands before a mini coconut cream foot reflexology session is performed...

The Rose Oil Special
Beginning with a deeply relaxing Hot Stones Back massage; luxurious Rose Essential Oil wraps the body in a nurturing floral burst for a full body massage, finishing with a Luxury Scalp massage and Facial that cleanses, massages, tones, masks and moisturises, leaving skin with a healthy, rosy glow...

Luxury Thai Table Massage
Stretching. Rocking. Bending and Compression movements stretch and lengthen muscles, helping increase flexibility and range of motion in the body and joints, whilst reducing stress and energising the client.
Oil Free Full Body massage that uses thumbs, forearms, elbows, knees and even feet to help stretch and press the body into more positions than would have been able unaided. Luxury Thai Table Massage includes 30 minutes authentic Thai Foot Massage too.

Please Note: Hot Stones treatments are not suitable for diabetics, pregnancy or high blood pressure.

Luxury Treatments (1hr 30mins)      £50

Spa Parties & Special Occasions
Oasis Therapies offers a Pamper Party Service in and around the Swansea Area. 
Oasis Therapies brings the party to you at your chosen venue OR host the Party at Relaxation Retreat. A healthy alternative to a night out, a relaxing night in! Catering for Birthdays, Baby Showers, Hen Parties, Get-togethers and all other types of parties.
*£50 Deposit required to secure the party booking. Remaining balance to be paid at the pamper party event *Male only parties can not be considered. 

Work-Place/ Events Massage
Oasis Therapies are available for corporate events, work placed massage and all other types of day and evening events/ festivals. Help your employees relax, stay focused and feel appreciated throughout the day, offer the gift of relaxation to clients at events and seminars or give special guests and artists the VIP treatment and create and enjoyable atmosphere wherever your event is taking place.

With a budget to suit everyone, Oasis Therapies cater for all different party sizes, with lots of variations on treatment times. Each booking is unique and tailored to the Groups individual needs. Prices on request.

The length of treatment you choose is the length of hands-on treatment you receive
♠Please add an additional 15 minutes to your first appointment time, to allow for consultation and refreshments, etc.
♦ If you suffer with any major health conditions please phone Cheryl on 07954343639 to find out more information.
•Mobile Home Visits are available for the immobile (illness or childcare) and for pamper parties.
There is a £10 additional charge for this service to cover petrol costs and travel time to and from appointments. This is a FEMALE ONLY service.
•Both male and female clients are welcome at Relaxation Retreat.
• £5 Student discount - with valid Student I.D card. Excluding Gift Vouchers & Special Offers.